Integrated omnichannel automation

Simplifies cross-channel execution and streamlines marketing operations to optimize the entire customer experience – not just individual channels.

Automation highlights

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1:1 personalized marketing in real-time

Drive conversions with 1:1 personalized messages delivered at the right moment to all of your customers, through any channel. Target individual customers in real-time using contextual data without relying on your IT department.

Leverage and process data in real time, empowering your marketing team to switch from targeting segments to targeting individual customers.

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"The Emarsys Interactions offers Tipico a platform that matches the customer-centric nature of our sports betting business. We can leverage its architecture and intuitive user-interface to achieve a fast time-to-market, with personalised customer journeys across all integrated communication channels in Emarsys. Being able to use real-time event data in combination with historical data points to calibrate our decision making in customer journeys is of great benefit to us. This allows the operational teams to react quickly to results and to setup A/B tests with ease. At the end of the day it brings us a big step closer to target our customers at the right time and on the right channel in a highly segmented approach".

Thomas Allendoerfer
Thomas Allendoerfer
Product Manager

Customer-centric personalization embedded in all automations

E-Commerce, app, and store data, are connected through the Emarsys CDP to the automation layer for marketers to leverage across all campaigns and channels. Automation campaigns have built-in reports that measure revenue uplift and help you drive conversions that increase long-term customer value.
Emarsys data-driven automations
Emarsys AI Optimized Delivery Scheduling

AI optimized delivery scheduling

Personalization is not only about content, but also about the timing of each message. Make sure your message reaches your customer when they are most receptive.

Send Time Optimization continuously calculates the optimal time to send each message. This AI-powered option – activated with a toggle – has increased engagement rates by 10% in a 6-month period, and led to a 3.76% uptake in revenue.

Instantly deployable use cases

Emarsys Tactics are complete automation workflows based on proven, top-performing industry use cases. Tactics are end-to-end journeys that include triggers, segments, personalization, and even inspirational campaigns to get you up and running.

Crowdsourced from leading brands, Tactics are optimized for specific business outcomes and are ready to deploy across any channel.

Emarsys Marketing Automation Tactics
Emarsys Automation, campaign-level reporting dashboard

End-to-end journey automation for custom strategies

Emarsys Automation has been built to accelerate time-to-value. First, by empowering marketers to seamlessly manage omnichannel communication from one platform. Second, by automating A/B testing and AI-led optimization to increase engagement and drive conversions across multiple channels.

Advanced customer journeys are configured for any scenario from a single interface. Channels can be easily added to nurture and optimize engagement.

Extensive campaign-level reporting

Monitor the way your customers interact with your brand on all channels and at every stage of the customer journey. Identify, replicate, and optimize omnichannel strategies with the highest return on investment.
Emarsys End to End Journey Optimization

Platform key capabilities

Customer Data Platform
Eliminates silos and unifies customer data through an open architecture and API.
Industry-specific Solutions​
Industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.

Delivers true 1:1 customer personalization across all channels and devices.

Marketer-friendly AI

Integrates AI and predictive analytics with marketing execution to scale 1:1 personalization.

Omnichannel Automation

Simplifies cross-channel execution and streamlines marketing operations to optimize the entire customer experience.

Reporting & Analytics​

Measurable business results that drive predictable and profitable growth.


Deliver true 1:1 personalized omnichannel experiences.

Email | Social | Mobile | Web | Direct Mail


Leveraging an open architecture and API to drive more intelligent omnichannel engagement.

Deliver the predictable, profitable outcomes that your business demands