Emarsys LIVE Event Series Launches to Educate, Exchange Ideas and Empower Digital Marketers across the Globe

President of the Americas Sean Brady Kicks Off the Series in Los Angeles to Discuss How to “Overcome Omnichannel Overload”

Indianapolis, IN – August 29, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, announced the launch of its Emarsys LIVE event series to educate, exchange ideas, and empower digital marketers across the globe. Emarsys LIVE will feature guest lecturers, roundtables, panel discussions, and workshops on timely topics for today’s digital marketers. Held in key cities around the world, including New York, London, Vienna, and Berlin, the first event commences in Los Angeles on September 1 at the W Los Angeles.

On Thursday, September 1 at 1:00 p.m. PT, Emarsys President of the Americas, Sean Brady, will join Chelsea Mueller, Director of E-commerce for Cheaper Than Dirt!, Michael Barber, Founder of barber&hewitt, and Ted Stenstrom, VP of E-commerce at Kensium Solutions, for the half-day event on how to “Overcome Omnichannel Overload”.

Executives will focus on how you can intuitively use automation to engage and wow your customers at every touch point. The half-day event will discuss:

  • Why a unified view is important;
  • Avoiding ‘analysis paralysis’;
  • Why automating digital marketing efforts across all devices is necessary to better understand your customers’ behavior;
  • Providing true omnichannel customer experiences; and
  • Creating an engaging experience that results in conversions.

“We want to take marketers offline to engage in active discussions on the relevant issues of the day,” explains Sean Brady, Emarsys President of the Americas. “As solution providers for e-commerce and retail, these events are designed to provide digital marketers a hands-on look at the technology and best practices, to improve their customer relationships and increase retention.”

To attend our upcoming event in Los Angeles, click here. For more information and a schedule of upcoming Emarsys LIVE events, click here.


Antavo and Emarsys Partner to Provide Powerful E-commerce Loyalty Programs to Further Strengthen Customer Retention and Increase Customer Lifetime Value

Vienna, AT – August 24, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, announced today that it has partnered with Antavo, a UK-based company that has developed a SaaS solution for gamified e-commerce reward programs. This partnership provides Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud e-commerce customers loyalty programs based on rewarding behaviors and engagement — another powerful step in customer retention and increasing customer lifetime value.

As most loyalty programs are transactional, using a spend-a-dollar, earn-a-point approach, Emarsys chose Antavo because the company instead rewards behaviors and engagements. With e-commerce customers, this includes purchases, friend referrals, social sharing, content consumption, and contest entries, among other behaviors and engagements.

With this partnership, Emarsys clients in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, and

Ireland can now take advantage of Antavo’s loyalty programs within their online stores, to increase repeat purchases and customer lifetime value.

Emarsys also chose Antavo based on three key differentiators of the company’s loyalty programs:

  1. Easy set up.
  2. Loyalty programs run automatically. Beyond customization, marketing professionals simply see immediate results on the dashboard or via email reports.
  3. Antavo provides a dedicated account manager for each client, who helps with loyalty program management and making adjustments as their business needs change.

“We’re really looking forward to a strong, long-term relationship with Emarsys, because together we provide an all-around automated solution that builds customer retention and increases sales results,” said Andras Bencsik, Co-Founder and COO, Antavo.

“We are excited to welcome Antavo as our first customer loyalty partner. This is indicative of the commitment we have to customer retention,” said Adi Topaz, Business Unit Manager, Emarsys. “Antavo’s unique approach to customer loyalty has proven success, and we feel that they will make a significant difference to our e-commerce clients.”

To obtain this loyalty program integration with Antavo, email connect@emarsys.com.


Emarsys Becomes a Demandware LINK Partner with Certified Integration

Demandware, a Salesforce Company, Users can Leverage the Power of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud for Deeper One-to-One Customer Personalization

Vienna, AT – August 2, 2016 – Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, announced that it has become a Demandware LINK Technology Partner with certified integration, joining a best-of-breed community committed to accelerating the adoption of innovative commerce technologies.

As a member of the Demandware LINK Partner ecosystem, Emarsys provides Demandware Commerce Cloud users with a seamless connection to the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, providing a data science and execution platform enabling one-to-one personalization. With the Emarsys LINK cartridge, Demandware Commerce Cloud users can:

  • Further engage customers: Execute automated marketing communications to keep customers coming back to your Demandware site.
  • Utilize the Emarsys customer intelligence platform: Optimize automation, engagement and analysis of customer data.
  • Execute social retargeting: Follow up email campaigns with a more personalized approach to CRM ads.
  • Improve inventory management: Execute stock clearance campaigns using Emarsys customer intelligence platform’s product affinity reports. Export product catalogs into the Emarsys product recommendation engine.
  • Provide VIP treatment: Identify your most valuable customers and target them with tailored incentives.

“We are happy to announce the certification of the Emarsys integration as part of the Demandware LINK partner program,” said Tom Griffin, senior vice president of corporate development at Demandware, a Salesforce company. “Cross-channel customer engagement is key for succeeding with today’s shopper, so we are excited to have Emarsys in the LINK partner network.”

“We are excited to provide Demandware users with the power of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud,” said Xavier Bastien, Head of Global Partnerships and Alliances, Emarsys. “Our cartridge extends a data-driven approach to automated marketing, enabling Demandware users to drive a deeper level of customer engagement that helps increase retention and online revenue.”

Throughout 2016, Emarsys will announce additional integrations that further support the Demandware community and its users.

To get the latest Emarsys Demandware cartridge, email connect@emarsys.com.


Emarsys Profiled in 2016 “Vendor Landscape: European Marketing Automation Vendors” Industry Analyst Report

B2C Marketing Cloud from Emarsys among the Featured Innovative Solutions

Vienna, AT – July 13, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, was among the profiled companies in Forrester Research’s Vendor Landscape: European Marketing Automation Vendors, 2016. This analyst report features technologies including the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, which helps B2C marketers execute and manage customer engagement and other marketing processes including campaigns.

The report describes the marketing automation landscape and provides advice to companies seeking these solutions including criteria to consider and questions to ask. As detailed in the report, when seeking a marketing automation solution, it is important for companies to address each of the areas of insight and engagement including: customer data, real-time analytics, insights and interactions to ensure a successful marketing automation strategy.

According to the report, “Emarsys customers can integrate their customer data; analyze it with campaign data; and create relevant, automated, and ad hoc campaigns through multiple channels to ensure that they effectively engage with customers and prospects.”

“We believe Emarsys inclusion in Forrester’s European marketing automation landscape report further underscores our commitment to delivering on the promise of marketing,” said Hagai Hartman, CEO, Emarsys. “Our B2C Marketing Cloud is focused on helping companies ensure their marketing effectiveness by taking action on customer data with analytics and insights that deliver the right content at the right time across any channel.”

As European companies seek digital marketing solutions to attract and retain customers, the Vendor Landscape stresses that European marketers need to be aware of the changing marketing landscape to address specific buyer needs with innovative technologies to stay ahead, localize their automated marketing efforts to be successful and to implement technologies that align with insight and engagement to deliver contextual marketing.

Forrester’s Q2 2016 EMEA Marketing Automation Market Overview Questionnaire Survey was fielded to 25 European martech vendors during Q2 2016. Additionally, Forrester tracked European martech vendors based on client inquires and surveys for the past five years with vendors new to this analysis in 2016, as well as those featured in previous reports. Forrester also used data from Forrester’s Global Business Technographics® Marketing Survey, 2015.

To download the Vendor Landscape: European Marketing Automation Vendors, 2016 report, visit https://emarsyscom.kinsta.cloud/-uk/resources/whitepapers/european-marketing-automation-vendors-report.


Emarsys Announces Changes in Executive Leadership

Vienna AT – July 8, 2016 – Emarsys, a leading global provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, today announced that Josef Ahorner, co-founder and Chairman of the Board, and Hagai Hartman, co-founder and CEO, have taken the joint decision that Hartman will fully focus his attention on innovation to further strengthen the company’s competitiveness in a rapidly changing market. In his new role as CINO – Chief Innovation Officer – he will drive breakthrough innovation, product development based on artificial intelligence and its rapid roll-out to customers. The Board has accepted Hartman’s decision to re-orient his focus and place greater emphasis on delivery of the company vision. The change will be effective July 11, 2016.

The Board, led by the chairman Josef Ahorner and with Matt Blodgett, Managing Director at Vector Capital, fully support Mr. Hartman’s recommendation to appoint Ohad Hecht as CEO.

Hecht built Emarsys’ market-leading presence in Asia-Pacific between 2010 and 2014 and returned to Vienna to serve as the company’s COO in 2014. In his new role, Hecht will focus on sustaining the company’s rapid growth by driving international expansion, including further penetration of the US market. Emarsys currently serves more than 2,000 customers in 140 markets, supporting their marketing with customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations and omnichannel marketing automation.

“Breakthrough innovation is pivotal to our business and it is Emarsys’ key differentiator in a rapidly changing market. I will focus on our role as game changer and bring our vision to life – which is to fully leverage artificial intelligence in marketing to further increase customer value. I am confident that in his new role as CEO Ohad Hecht will also provide Emarsys with the necessary drive to keep it on its steep and unparalleled growth trajectory,” says founder Hagai Hartman.

“I am excited to take on the role of CEO at a moment of rapid international expansion,” adds Ohad Hecht. “In addition to continued expansion in North America, our leadership team will focus on strengthening our existing customer base and markets and turning our innovations into superior value for our customers.”

“Tapping into artificial intelligence, Emarsys is fully equipped to stay ahead of the game, with a visionary leadership and global team,” says Josef Ahorner, co-founder, Chairman of the Board and majority shareholder. “I absolutely agree with Hagai that delivering on the company vision requires one leader to focus his attention exclusively on innovation.”

“We see massive global potential for B2C marketers with Emarsys’ unique integration of analytics, customer intelligence, true personalization, and marketing automation. We are proud to support Emarsys as the company’s first institutional investor, and are excited about the future and continued rapid growth and global expansion under the strong entrepreneurial leadership of

Hecht and the visionary innovations of Hartman,” adds Matt Blodgett, Managing Director at Vector Capital.

Josef Ahorner, Hagai Hartman and Daniel Harari, who co-founded the company in 2000, have led Emarsys through a tremendous growth phase in the past decade. Under their leadership,

Emarsys grew into a global business with more than 2,000 customers in 140 countries worldwide and 16 offices with more than 600 employees around the globe. In 2015, YoY business growth amounted to 100 percent, the company entered the U.S. and Canadian markets and added over 400 new clients, among them Body Shop, Office Depot and L’Oréal. It also received a 33 million USD equity investment in a Series A round from San Francisco-based private equity firm Vector Capital. In 2015 alone, Emarsys segmented and analyzed more than 12 billion customer profiles and created more than three million personalized campaigns.


Emarsys North America Celebrates a Year of Innovation and Excellence Delivering Business Growth and Industry Recognition

Indianapolis, IN – June 22, 2016 – Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, is proud to celebrate a year of innovation and excellence delivering significant business growth, as well as recognition from Forrester Research as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM), Q2 2016.

In its first year, Emarsys North America successfully met its growth targets and delivered strong operating results as part of its U.S. market entry strategy. Additionally, Emarsys was recognized by Forrester Research for its “easy-to-use and intuitive UX for brand marketers who want to design both interactive and long-term campaign strategies, with predictability into which customers, products, and channels provide the highest conversion opportunities.”

“We have seen a significant demand for our B2C Marketing Cloud from retailers and ecommerce companies with a desire to better target, engage and retain customers across channels,” said Sean Brady, President of the Americas, Emarsys. “Our technology, client services model, and people are enabling digital marketers to succeed, and we believe our being cited by Forrester as a Strong Performer in its recent report is a testament to that.”

Since the opening of the North American headquarters in Indianapolis last year, demand for Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud has increased steadily, growing especially fast in the second quarter of 2016. Emarsys newest group of clients includes: Butter London, Cheaper Than Dirt!, High Fashion Home, Rawlings, Scrubs & Beyond, and Stance Socks. Across North America, clients are turning to Emarsys to incorporate true personalization in their marketing efforts to develop strong customer relationships and increase retention.

“It’s been an amazing year for Emarsys. Our team shares a deep commitment to technology innovation and providing customer success — especially in transforming the way retailers, brands and ecommerce companies do business. We are excited to announce that we are accelerating our investment in North America in Q3 and Q4. With that, we are doubling our employee headcount in Indianapolis and in key U.S. cities across North America to meet the demand for our B2C Marketing Cloud,” added Brady.


Emarsys Launches CRM Ads Enabling Marketers to Connect Purchasing and Behavioral Data to Advertising Campaigns in Real Time

Vienna, AT – June 21, 2016 – Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, today announced the launch of Emarsys CRM Ads. This feature of the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud enables marketers to align their CRM, purchase, and cross-channel (e.g., mobile, Web, email) behavioral data to improve their advertising campaigns. For the first time, marketers can work with an unparalleled level of targeting and hyper-personalization across today’s best-in-class advertising channels in real time.

To create a powerful experience that increases customer acquisition and retention, Emarsys CRM Ads:

  • Goes beyond cookie-based marketing, creating an aligned brand experience across all advertising channels and devices;
  • Optimizes bids on Google search by adjusting the text ads and keywords in the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud;
  • Reaches customers on Google search, Gmail, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram; and
  • Unleashes your CRM database to engage and target contacts and consumers who have not purchased in a long time.

Amir Jacobi, Emarsys Product Manager, highlights the importance of Emarsys CRM Ads, “A brand’s most valuable contacts are right at their fingertips, within their CRM database. We are changing the game for marketers as the old approach of focusing advertising campaigns on anonymous, expensive users is becoming less effective. By adding an unprecedented level of intelligence to both marketing and advertising technology, we created a people-based marketing approach. With Emarsys CRM Ads, we create a more memorable brand experience for customers, while enabling marketers to measure advertising effectiveness and ROI in real time.”

With Emarsys CRM Ads and the Emarsys B2C Marketing Cloud, marketers can develop more sophisticated targeting strategies by creating customer journeys based on real-time, data-driven decisions. Brands that use Emarsys and CRM targeting can ensure consistency across integrated campaigns by leveraging audience automation to create, find, and reach audiences at scale. Ultimately, Emarsys is enabling a deeper and more personalized experience for brands, retailers, and e-commerce sites to further increase customer retention.

For more information on how businesses can utilize the benefits of Emarsys CRM Ads, please go to https://emarsyscom.kinsta.cloud/products/ads/.


Emarsys Helps Retailers and Brands Target the Billion-dollar, M-commerce Market

Suite of mobile solutions launches leading with Mobile Engage, extending mobile app engagement and customer usage to drive retention across devices

Vienna, AT – June 14, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, today debuted its mobile suite to enhance mobile app engagement and optimize customer journeys to further increase customer retention. Connected to its B2C Marketing Cloud, the suite featuring Mobile Engage for apps powers retailers’, brands’ and ecommerce mobile app engagement strategies through automation designed to bring users back to the mobile app through personalized content.

Forrester’s November, 2015 Predictions 2016: The Mobile Revolution Accelerates report forecasts that, “mobile and tablet commerce will reach $142 billion in the US and €86 billion in Europe, representing respectively 38% and 32% of online transactions.” Additionally, “..in the US, more than 30% of sales will have a mobile cross-channel component, meaning consumers will use mobile at some point throughout the purchase life cycle, from product research to in-store interactions.”

“Mobile apps present a great opportunity for marketers to leverage user-level insights to better target and more effectively engage with customers using push and in-app messages,” said David Galante, VP, Mobile Products, Emarsys. “Mobile engagement programs leveraging behavioral data are an effective strategy and should be considered during the mobile design phase. Companies like Runtastic (an adidas group company) have turned to Emarsys for data-driven mobile solutions in order to retain and grow their customer loyalty.”

Emarsys mobile suite enables marketers to deliver revenue driving mobile marketing campaigns with the following:

  • Mobile Engage: Create, test, and deploy push and in-app messages to iOS and Android devices within cross-channel automation programs or on-the-fly to your most engaged users. The Mobile Engage SDK extends the Emarsys unified customer profile with rich mobile app data and enhances the customer profile with user-level insights including product affinity and mobile purchase behavior. Mobile Engage provides marketers the ability to send well-timed push notifications based on the mobile user’s product preferences and in their preferred language. Overall performance statistics including app installs, monthly active users and overall message open and delivery rates are also included.
  • Smart SMS: Reach your global audience with marketing and transactional SMS messages. With easy deployment, SMS can be included in any digital marketing strategy. Marketers can create and execute contact acquisition campaigns using SMS keywords, email capture SMS programs or integrate SMS opt-in into any web form. Smart SMS makes international SMS marketing a breeze with tools that estimate the cost of messaging across multiple countries and reduce messaging cost by filtering out invalid mobile phone numbers.
  • Geo-segmentation (beta): Send relevant mobile push notifications to users who are currently in a specific geo-location. This new functionality allows mobile marketers to

segment mobile audiences using the most dynamic and powerful contact level attribute – location.

These mobile marketing features are available with Emarsys channel applications Mobile Engage and Smart SMS and work seamlessly with the Emarsys Automation Center, Smart Insight and Emarsys Predict.

In response to customer demand and the rapid growth of mobile, Emarsys will continue to build additional features and expand its mobile capabilities into emerging mobile channels such as Over the Top (OTT). To learn more about Emarsys mobile capabilities, click here.


Emarsys Announces its Latest Magento Extension

Magento Users can now Access the Emarsys Smart Insight Customer Intelligence Platform and Enjoy Seamless Synchronization of Customer Data Further Improving Customer Engagement

Vienna, AT – June 8, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, announced its newest Magento extension providing access to Smart Insight, the Emarsys customer intelligence platform, along with seamless integration of customer data — all to improve customer engagement.

Further supporting users of the Magento Community and Enterprise Editions, Magento users can access the Emarsys Smart Insight customer intelligence platform to:

  • Maximize revenue from customers by automating retention marketing;
  • Automatically update product catalogs, purchase data and customer lifecycle segments; and
  • Export customer purchase history to follow the evolution of their business.

Additionally, to further improve customer communication and experience, Magneto store owners can obtain real-time, clear, and actionable intelligence to better understand and target customers, ensure flawless deliverability and provide thorough reporting and analyses.

“This extension presents tremendous value to marketers, it provides the necessary intelligence to reach customers in a more personalized manner on any channel and at scale,” said Ohad Hecht, COO, Emarsys. “Our partnership with Magento provides users with a unified customer profile — enabling them to better understand online and offline activity to create effective campaigns that create return customers.”

Throughout 2016, Emarsys will announce additional Magento extensions to further support Magento 2.0 and additional offerings to further promote customer retention for Magento users.

To get the latest Emarsys extension or for additional information on its Magento partnership and offerings, go to https://enhance.archive.emarsys.com/product/emarsys-for-magento/ or email connect@emarsys.com.


Emarsys Survey Finds SMBs Quickly Adapting to the Omnichannel Paradigm to Compete

81% of Retail Professionals Still Rely on Email as a Driver for Customer Acquisition and 80% for Customer Retention

Indianapolis, IN – June 7, 2016 Emarsys, the leading provider of cloud marketing software for B2C companies, has released the results of its in-person and online survey of 254 retail professionals published in partnership with WBR Digital.

The survey, Adapting to the Pace of Omnichannel Commerce examines how US-based small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) with annual revenues under $100 million are handling fierce competition from today’s larger retail players. Based on the findings of top retail SMBs surveyed:

  • 81% of SMBs still rely on email as a driver for customer acquisition, and 80% for customer retention;
  • 73% of retailers rank email as a top budget item, with one in five ranking it as a top priority to invest;
  • SMBs saw gains in major KPIs: conversion rates increased by 72%, average order value increased by 65%, and repeat customer purchases increased by 58%;
  • 70% of SMBs begin holiday planning no later than July; and
  • 54% of SMBs identified cart abandonment emails as the most successful marketing tactic and site-based recommendations came in second at 47%.

“We found that SMBs are nimble and quick to respond in today’s competitive retail environment,” said Sean Brady, President of the Americas, Emarsys. “SMBs seek agile platforms that are quick to implement and easy to use. SMBs like Cheaper Than Dirt!, Rawlings, and Scrubs & Beyond have turned to Emarsys to see an immediate ROI, remain competitive and connect with their customers at the right time on the right channels. Additionally, SMBs are leveraging insights on customer behavior to create a seamless shopping experience for customers across devices and channels. This is evidence that SMBs are focused on customer retention – something the bigger players need to consider.”

Additional key findings include:

  1. SMBs in B2C retail are developing omnichannel strategies around proven success.
  2. Faced with strong competition from larger players, SMBs are spending more time preparing for the critical holiday shopping season.
  3. SMBs are attempting to bring more advanced technology to the fore, and keep pace with omnichannel innovations by linking the digital experience with the brick-and-mortar experience, while investing in mobile commerce capabilities.

For this survey, Emarsys partnered with WBR Digital who surveyed retail professionals from a variety of B2C industries responsible for their firm’s marketing, e-commerce, sales and operations. In-person surveys and interviews were conducted on-site at the 2016 eTail West conference. Additional responses were collected via an online survey in February and March of 2016.

To receive a copy of the Adapting to the Pace of Omnichannel Commerce survey, go to https://emarsyscom.kinsta.cloud/resources/whitepapers/adapting-to-the-pace-of-omnichannel-commerce/.