Omnichannel customer engagement for travel businesses.

Accelerate business outcomes with proven, industry-specific engagement strategies — crowdsourced from leading brands.

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The omnichannel customer engagement platform of choice for more than 2,500 companies worldwide.

Leading the marketing revolution

The Emarsys omnichannel customer engagement platform provides advanced, turnkey and natively integrated travel solutions, that are easily adopted and up and running within days, to drive faster results.​

How Does it work

Activate best practice solutions in a day



Choose your strategy such as Pre-Trip Ancillary Revenue or Lead to First Time Travelers.

Use Case

See the most effective use cases to help you achieve your chosen strategy.


Activate pre-populated use cases with content, creative, and omnichannel workflows in clicks.

Comparison example of a Progressive Ancillary Revenue Capture program implementation

  • 90-day setup
Other marketing platforms
1. Export data on travelers who have made a booking.
2. Load booking data and ancillary products.
3. Predict when customers are likely to purchase the next ancillary product.
4. Estimate their current lifetime value and what offer you should give them.
5. Calculate who may be interested and understand their persona.
6. Build automation scenario and optimize frequency of communications.
7. Build campaigns.
8. Launch.
9. Request a custom report.
  • 1-day setup
1. Choose strategy.
2. Select Tactic.
3. Activate.

Platform key capabilities

Customer Data Platform
Eliminates silos and unifies customer data through an open architecture and API.
Industry-specific Solutions​
Industry-specific analytics and use cases built into the platform.

Delivers true 1:1 customer personalization across all channels and devices.

Marketer-friendly AI

Integrates AI and predictive analytics with marketing execution to scale 1:1 personalization.

Turnkey and natively integrated strategies and tactics
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Scaling personalization beyond human capacity
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Created once and deployed across channel and devices
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AI Marketing
Collection, unification, augmentation and segmentation
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Real-time automation for complex multi-step programs
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Strategic Dashboard
Insights that drive your next marketing steps
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Key integrations
Email | Social | Mobile | Web | Direct Mail
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